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Payment Settings

To access the Payment settings go to Taugun Pro -> Payments

Currency Settings

In this section, you can configure the following,
– Select the currency in which your users will have to make payment for the event tickets.
– Select the Currency Symbol Display Position, Decimal Separator, Number of Decimals and Thousand Separator

Payment Gateways

– Taugun Events Calendar comes bundled with 3 payment gateways they are

– Pay Offline
– PayPal
– Stripe

– By Default, “Pay Offline” Payment Gateway will be enabled.

How to Configure PayPal

In order to configure PayPal Payment gateway, you will need the PayPal Identity Token. To obtain the PayPal Identity Token, follow the steps mentioned below

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How to Configure Stripe

In order to configure Stripe Payment gateway, you will need the API keys. To obtain the API keys, follow the steps mentioned below

1. Login to your Stripe account in https://dashboard.stripe.com
2. Go to Developers → API Keys
3. Live credentials will be displayed there
4. If you want to list Test credentials, toggle the View test data button

Once you obtain the API Keys, fill in the API keys in their respective fields.

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