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Additional Fields

If you want to add new fields to events, then using Addition Fields module it is possible. The values given in the Additional Fields will be displayed as Other Information in the frontend event page.

First, you have to add the needed additional fields. To add a new field, go to Taugun Pro → Modules → Additional Fields and enable the module.

* Click the Settings button to access the settings

* Click the Add New Field button to add an additional field

* Give the Field Key, Field Label in the respective fields and select the Field Type and then click the Add Field button

* The Additional Field will be added successfully. Now, give the Field Values as per your needs

* Finally, Save the field

Adding Additional Field for Events

* Go to the Edit Event Page

* In Additional Fields meta box, already created fields will be displayed and from the list select the field to be added for the event and click Add Field button

* Select/Fill the details for the Additional Field which you have added

* Update the Event

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