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Account Management Settings

To access Account Management Settings go to Taugun Pro -> Account Management Settings

Account Creation Settings

• If Display Registration Form in Events Dashboard for Guests checkbox is enabled, users can create an account using the Registration form provided in this plugin.
• If Allow Account Creation for Guests in Event Booking Process checkbox is enabled, users can create an account while booking the tickets.
• If Manual is selected in Account Creation Type, the user will be asked for email id and password while booking the tickets. If Automatic is selected, then the user account will be created automatically and their account details will be sent through email.
• Select Mandatory in Account Registration Method if you want to force your customer to register for an account on the site in order to book the ticket.
• Select the WordPress User Role for the users who are newly registering on the site through Taugun

Default Pages Settings

When Activating the plugin for the first time, some pages will be automatically created. These pages handle the Account Signup Process for your Users. If you want to change the pages, you can do so by setting a different page in all the fields.
Customer Signup/Dashboard Page – Displays the signup page for Guest Users and the Dashboard page for Logged-in Users.
Terms of Use Page – Can be used to Display the Terms of Use for events. A link to this page will be displayed in the Account Signup Form.
Lost Password Page – Displays the Lost Password Page. A link to this page will be displayed in the Account Login Form.

Google reCAPTCHA Settings

Display Google reCAPTCHA on – Select the pages you want to display the Google reCAPTCHA below the registration/login form/both.
Steps to get reCAPTCHA Site key and Secret key
1. Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin#list
2. Login with your Google Account
3. Choose the type of reCAPTCHA as reCAPTCHA v2
4. Set the Domains to use the reCAPTCHA
5. Click the Register button
6. Now, you can find the Site key and Secret key

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