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Custom Fields

While purchasing event ticket or rsvping for an event, you can get only name, email and phone number from the customer and it is not possible to get attendee details. Using the Custom Fields module, you can get more information of the attendees.

To create Custom Fields, go to Taugun Pro → Settings → Modules → Custom Fields and enable the module

* Click the Settings button to access the settings

* Click the Add New Field button to add an additional field

* Give the Field Key, Field Label in the respective fields and select the Field Type and then click the Add Field button

* The Additional Field will be added successfully. Now, give the Field Values as per your needs

* If you want the field must be filled by the customer, then enable Field Mandatory option

* Finally Save the field

Adding Custom Field for Ticket Type/RSVP Type

* Go to the Edit Event Page

* Create a new Ticket/RSVP Type or edit an existing Type

* In Add Custom Fields option, search and select the field which you have already created

* Click the Add Field button

* After adding the needed Custom Fields, click Save button

* Finally Update the Event

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