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Plugin Overview

Taugun Events Calendar is a comprehensive WordPress Events Calendar Plugin which allows you to create and manage events in your WordPress Site. Taugun Events Calendar has the following Features,

– Unlimited events can be created
– Unlimited organizers can be created
– Unlimited locations can be created
– Organizers and locations can be shared across events
– Event Categories and Event Tags
– Events date and time can be displayed along with timezone
– Events can be added to Google Calendar and can be downloaded as an iCal file
– RSVP Events can be created
– Tickets can be sold for events
– Inbuilt PayPal and Stripe payment gateways for ticket purchase
– WooCommerce Integration
– QR based check-in (Works with any QR scanner app)
– Email and SMS notifications
– Advanced account management
– Highly responsive across devices
– Highly customizable
– Translation ready

When to use Taugun Events Calendar?

If you are planning to run a website which offers the following features, then Taugun Events Calendar can be useful to you,

– Create and list Events
– Create and list RSVP Events
– Sell Tickets for Events

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