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If you want to configure RSVP Events, then go to Taugun Pro -> Modules -> RSVP and enable the module.

* Click the “Settings” button to access the settings.

* You can add a prefix and suffix to the RSVP number.

* You can choose how the RSVP Number has to be generated. By default, the RSVP Number will be generated in Random.

How to Manage Attendees for RSVP Events?

To manage payments for a particular event go to Taugun Pro -> Events

* Locate the event for which you want to manage the Attendees.

* Below the Title of the event, you will find Attendees. Click that link you will be redirected to a new page.

* In this page, you can view all the Attendees for that event.

* If you want to check-in your attendees for the event click the “Check-in” link which is available for each attendee.

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