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* How can a user book appointments on my site?

A page has to be created and the shortcode “[bsf_booking_form]” has to be placed. When a user accesses this page, they can view the appointment booking form.

* Is Staff configuration mandatory?

Yes, Staff configuration is mandatory.

* Is Working Hours configuration mandatory?

Yes, Working Hours configuration is mandatory.

* What Payment methods are available?

The Following Payment Methods are available

  • Offline Payment Gateway
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

* Where can I view the upcoming appointments on my site?

The upcoming appointments will be displayed in a calendar. To access the calendar go to Zovonto → Calendar.

* Where can I manage the payments for the appointments?

To manage payments for the appointments go to Zovonto → Payments.

* Will the user be notified about their upcoming appointments?

Both users and the Staff Member will be notified via email about their upcoming appointments.

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