Standard License

We will explain here in simple terms about the Flintop Standard License.

A Standard License gives you the right to use the item purchased from Flintop on one website, personal or commercial, for yourself or your client. You are not allowed to resell or redistribute the item as a stand alone both in its original form and modified form or as a part of another item. If you want to use this item on multiple websites then you will have to buy multiple licenses i.e. one license for one website.

You can do the following with a Standard License

1. You can use the purchased item in one website which can be yours or your clients.
2. You can use it on a personal or commercial website.
3. You can modify the item to use it in one website.

You can not do the following with a Standard License

4. You can’t use it on more than one website with one purchase.
5. You can’t resell or redistribute or share it in its original form or modified form.
6. You can’t package this item as a part of another item to sell or distribute or share the new item, paid or free.

For some items, parts of the item(PHP, HTML etc) may come under any open source license or General Public License(GPL) wherever it applies and for other parts(CSS, Images, Design etc) this license applies.

If you would like to get more information about the Standard License, please feel free to contact us.